Workers who have an outstanding employee experience perform better, achieve more and help companies to become extraordinary.

WeMa Care focuses on supporting your employees both inside and outside the workplace. One in seven workers juggle work with caring for an older, disabled or ill person.1 The responsibility can be stressful and tiring and most carers have to reduce their hours, turn down promotions and in some cases leave work.2

For an employer, losing experienced employees inevitably leads to additional recruitment and retraining costs.

Providing access to quality care, health and wellness services can help support employees and reduce the burden of their caring responsibilities. This makes for a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.

  • 1. Carers UK - Juggling work and unpaid care, January 2019. (accessed 20th September 2019.)
  • 2. Carers UK - Policy briefing October 2015, facts about carers. (accessed 20th September 2019.)
attract experienced talent

Attract experienced talent

If you want to attract high calibre people, we help you offer a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will set your business apart from your competitors.

activate employee engagement

Activate employee engagement

People are your most valuable asset and an engaged workforce has greater productivity levels, giving you a competitive advantage. By activating employee engagement, we help you unlock the key to improved performance, innovation and profitability.3

boost productivity


Addressing the issue of your employees’ caring responsibilities frees them to realise their full potential in the workplace, providing a powerful upturn in productivity.

  • 3. [Harter, J.K. et al (2006), Gallup Q12 meta-analysis, 12 Kumar, V. and Wilton, P. (2008) ‘Briefing note for the MacLeod review’, Chartered Management Institute]

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25% of employees currently act as informal carers and 65% of which are taking time out of work to support their loved ones.

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WeMa Care Concierge has a Net Promoter Score of 9.2

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On average, the WeMa Care Concierge saves each employee 5.5 working hours for each service sourced.*

*Average based on different service types being sourced.

Our services

WeMa Care is a care, health and wellbeing service for businesses.

our service

Our WeMa Care concierge service provides a tailored and packaged solution for your employees to support them in their caring responsibilities and with their own health and wellbeing.

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Our process

Employee experience insight

We listen to you and your employees to understand your business needs. Our workforce survey provides a deep dive into the challenges both inside and outside the workplace that affect the employee experience. This insight drives the engagement programme.

Employee engagement
Employee engagement

Our core focus is engaging your employees. We provide regular engagement opportunities in person, by telephone and online. We support long-term positive behaviour change by engaging key employee ambassadors with our reward and recognition programme.

Impact tracking

We provide key metrics to demonstrate the impact of our programme on the health and wellbeing of workers - a key factor for employee experience and productivity.

Maximise results

Our partnership approach, which focuses on employee engagement and impact tracking, ensures that we gain deep insights to enable us to deliver the maximum results for your business — happy, healthy, productive workers.

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