Wemalife – Bringing Quality Homecare to you and your loved ones

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Wemalife – Bringing Quality Homecare to you and your loved ones

Healthcare, security and equitability are few of the facts that should be considered as important by every being on this planet. With the advent of new innovations and various other technologies, enhancing the quality in the healthcare sector has become even more critical to those in the industry.

Considering these shifts in technology and the need to level up the healthcare services, WeMa Life took the charge to turn the tables in the healthcare sector. From providing quality healthcare with easy accessibility to helping the patients recover well in the comfort of their own homes, we took the onus on ourselves to ensure the best for our customers.

“The main reason behind the quality improvement of healthcare is that, if the healthcare practice institutions are stuck with the traditional concepts with no further enhancements, it will fail in generating better results. Therefore, streamlining the changes into the system & achieving a new level of performance with each passing phase is our goal.”

Our services include a wide range of options for you to choose from; Now you can book, pay, and seek treatment with just a few clicks on our portal for social care, domiciliary care, nursing, domestic help, personal care and hygiene, massages, yoga and Pilates instructors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and more. Connecting care in the community, our multi-service HealthTech platform offers benefits to both consumers and businesses, such as:

  • Accessible round the clock

With the conventional booking strategy, a patient usually has to call-in during the office hours of the clinic, to book an appointment with the doctor. Be that as it may, with our online healthcare system, patients can easily access any type of healthcare services regardless of the factors like time, holidays, unavailability of the doctor etc. This makes it helpful, as you can book your appointment just in regard to your timetable and comfort.

  • Data Management

Patient management is very easy, manageable and productive with online healthcare system like WeMa Life. We use digital version of patient’s health records i.e. the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as it helps make a solitary point where a patient’s data can be saved, updated, observed and examined by the doctor or the patient itself 24/7.

All data about the patient recorded frequently, alongside a history filled with checkups and related medicinal tests, can be utilized when making sound decisions in urgent medical situations. Not to mention, but it decreases the need to document the physical records as well – Sorted!

  • Online payment

Paying your medical expenses on our healthcare portal is secure as the data is kept private due to secure payment gateways. We have earned the confidence and trust of healthcare providers and payers large and small, and are certified at the highest levels for both healthcare and payment transactions.

  • Feasibility and lower costs for healthcare providers

For healthcare providers, Online healthcare portals are a big time saver – While a committed group would some way or another need to answer calls and book appointments, that labor can now be used elsewhere; We help eliminate these administrative tasks and put it all online, allowing health-care providers to focus instead on delivering better care at a lower cost. Hence, the need to take out time for personalised visits, managing the extra workforce and additional costs diminishes.

With WEMA Life, you find all the care, health and wellbeing services you need as we connect you with vetted and trusted service providers and guide you through a simple search and booking process where you can even pay online. Our aim is to provide  mutual respect and improved communication between physicians, nurses and all team members, which are undoubtedly the key components to safe medical care and an excellent experience. Therefore, if wellness and a healthy life is what you want, then WeMa Life is all you need.


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