Month: April 2018


Top 6 items to support your exercise routine!

Healthy lifestyle encompasses so many elements – diet, regular fitness sessions, healthy food choices, mental health etc. But what is even more important of all, is the ‘EFFORT’ that is required to adapt it naturally & the ‘PERSEVERANCE’ to get it done, no matter what”. When we get back home after a boring day of […]


WeMA Life – Your online marketplace for all healthcare and wellness needs!

Healthcare, security and equitability are few of the facts that should be considered as important by every being on this planet. With the advent of new innovations and various other technologies, enhancing the quality in the healthcare sector has become even more critical to those in the industry. Considering these shifts in technology and the […]


Depression – A Silent Killer!

“Depression is a common yet serious disease that adversely influences how you feel, think and act. It is the major cause of loss in potential, interest and delight in exercises once a person was in the habit of.” Despite the fact that Depression may happen just once in your life, individuals regularly experience different episodes. […]


Importance of Healthy Eating Habits!

Making healthy food choices and adapting it as a lifestyle is harder than expected for some individuals; Most of their choices are influenced by the love for food and the pleasure of their taste buds. Truth be told, for some people eating is such a big deal to the point, that they eat food that […]


6 Essential equipments for effective healthcare at home!

For those who are always on the go and have less time to cater to their health based needs, are more prone to sickness due to stress and poor lifestyle choices; The minute they develop any kind of medical issues, they surge themselves to the specialist in the wake of looking for better treatment – […]

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